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You spoke. We listened. We are excited to announce the launch of our nationwide donor CRRT service model that was designed and built from our OPO customers’ recommendations.

We have hired a team of experienced ICU nurses with expertise in CRRT and can customize our services to the local marketplace and needs of each customer. Our aim is to work alongside your OPO Coordinators, performing the donor filtration procedure using our optimized ICU platform delivered onsite by the nation’s largest hospital logistics company.

We are a cost transparent organization that strives for better outcomes and an unequalled standard of excellence.


Our Product

CLR 2.0

Cardiac, Lung, Renal – Blood Purification Filter

Brain death causes a massive increase in circulating inflammatory cytokines, which damage all transplantable organs. “Poor function” is the leading cause of donor organ wastage. SeaStar’s proprietary CLR hemofilter is designed to reduce the tissue edema and damage caused by the inflammatory signals that circulate through every potential donor. During donor filtration, blood passes through the high cutoff CLR 2.0 filter, where mid-sized inflammatory cytokines like IL-1, IL-6, and TNFα are removed through the ultrafiltrate. The purified blood is then returned to the body.


Looking to the Future

Bedside Bioreactor
SeaStar Medical is currently optimizing technology that selectively targets proinflammatory neutrophils and monocytes, effectively shutting them down. A Phase II clinical study in children with acute kidney injury and multi-organ failure using this novel inflammatory phase-shifting technology is ongoing: NCT02820350

Circulating Virus Removal
Organ transplant recipients often get more than they bargain for from their donors. 89% of transplant recipients not previously positive for Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) are positive after their transplant. 67% previously negative for Cytomegalovirus (CMV) became positive once transplanted. And, due to the severe shortage of organ donors, Hepatitis C positive donor organs are now being transplanted into Hepatitis C negative recipients. SeaStar is currently working on a blood filter for organ donors and transplant recipients that can effectively remove these and several other circulating glycosylated viruses.